Make a Joyful Noise Vinyl Wall Statement - Psalm 100:1

Make a Joyful Noise Vinyl Wall Statement - Psalm 100:1 #1Make a Joyful Noise Vinyl Wall Statement - Psalm 100:1 #2
Make a joyful noise to the LORD. - Psalm 100:1
Price: $38.00
Product ID SCR198
Custom Title 3 walldecal
Golden Yellow
Dark Red
Nut Brown
Lip Stick
Soft Pink
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Dark Green
Lime Tree
Key Lime Pie
Light Brown
Warm Grey
Dark Grey
Metalic Gold
Metalic Silver
Metalic Copper
Product Description
Wall decals is one way to express your faith in your home, office or church with industry standard high-quality vinyl. Each vinyl letter is a high quality decal made from self adhesive removable vinyl, so there is no background. All the letters come pre-positioned for you which make installation simple and removal a breeze without any damage to your wall. The matte finish gives the designs a hand painted appearance without the work of painting. All our vinyl wall decals are professionally designed and precision cut to ensure 100% quality satisfaction guarantee. Decals are simple to apply to any surface including walls, doors, wood, glass, tile, furniture, floors, or windows. The possibilities are really endless with this versatile product, so don't hesitate to think outside the box. The beauty of this product is that it can last for years or you can easily remove the design at any time when you are ready for an update. So what's next? All you have to do is choose the color from over 40 available colors and the size that fits your space. Our designs can be applied all in one sheet or feel free to get creative and cut in between text or graphics to create your own arrangement. You will find written instructions, squeegee and a practice decal with every order.
Most of decals that we sell come in a variety of sizes measured as total width by height. The best way to determine the correct size for your wall is to measure your space. It is easiest to visualize by marking the corners of where you want the design to be applied with something removeable like blue painter's tape. The size of the design is based on the total area as illustrated below. If you need a specific size or would like a modification, please contact us and we will try to accommodate.
What types of surfaces can a wall deal be applied to?
Our wall decals can easily be applied to just about any clean, smooth, and weather-resistant surface that is free of dust, grease, or other contaminates. Decals have been tested on light to medium wall textures. Heavy texture may not allow adequate contact to the wall to fully adhere to the high and low spots of the texture. This product is not designed for surfaces such as rough brick, stucco, concrete block, suede paints, and sand paints. If you would like a sample wall statement to try on a surface please request one here.
What if my walls are too textured?
If you have heavily-textured walls, you can get creative on how to display the wall decal. For example, you can apply a wall statement on a flat, smooth surface such as a board, glass, or a mirror that can then be hung on the wall.
Will it damage my wall?
When walls have been prepared as recommended and properly maintained after application, most people have no wall damage when wall statements are removed. The water soluble adhesive is specifically formulated for removability. In the rare case that you experience difficulty during removal, use a blow dryer on a low heat setting to warm/soften the adhesive. As the decal's adhesive warms gently lift the edges and remove slowly.
Will it adhere to all paints?
Wall decals will install easily on the most of the common home interior paints, such as latex and oil-based. They will also work on other paints, although some highly textured paints or paints with additives can make application extremely difficult. Examples of paints that fall into this category are VOC-free, stain guard, magnetic, sand, and suede paints. If you have any concerns, please request a sample and test in an inconspicuous area to check for compatibility.
Can I apply it to a newly painted wall?
We recommend that freshly painted walls should be allowed to cure for at least two weeks before you apply your wall decals. Although the wall is dry to the touch, a chemical reaction referred to as off gassing is taking place and can possibly affect the adhesion of the decal.
Should I install within a certain time frame?
Wall decals can be stored for several months depending on storage conditions. We strongly recommend that you apply your statements realtively soon upon arrival for the best results. Decals are installed using a transfer layer that resembles masking tape. If the decal is not installed for a very long period of time, the adhesive of the transfer layer may begin to cure and not release from the decal as easily.
The decal appears to be peeling off, what can I do?
If part of your decal is separating from the wall, simply use your finger a gently press it to make contact with the wall again. It is not unusual for this to happen shortly after installation as the adhesive on the decal is still initially curing. If it continues you can also use a washable glue stick to reattach it. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and test the adhesive in an inconspicuous place before applying it to your wall decal.
Can I remove the decal and reuse?
The short answer is unfortunately, no. Decals are meant for a one-time application. The reason is that unlike decals that are printed on a large semi-transparent sticker, our decals are precision cut without any background providing a much nicer finished aesthetic. Lettering is initially held in position using the transfer layer. Once it applied, there isn't a good way to remove the decal and keep all of the letters in their proper positions. Peeling each letter off individually and applying it to a new location would be very tedious and would not likely look quite as nice as when first installed. The vinyl lettering is fairly thin and can stretch and tear as it is being removed.